Centre for Indigenous Theatre Variety Showcase


The 7th Annual CIT Variety Showcase will be at the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto, ., on December 10, 2010,
with performances scheduled to start at 7 pm and run through to
9:30pm.  The evening is by donation and all are invited to attend.

Toronto, ON. The Centre for Indigenous Theatre is proud to present our 7th
Annual Variety Showcase.  The students will perform works created
and/or taught in their first term.  Along with vocal performances and
acting fundamentals, the students will engage in aspects of story
creation performance pieces and audition fundamentals.


The evening will begin with song selections from Marie Gaudet’s Indigenous Singing Class and followed by Big Drum songs led by Gabe Gaudet.  Next, the students will perform Pow Wow Team Dancing choreographed by Indigenous Dance Instructor Deanne Morrison.


rest of the evening the students will be performing selected works that
were taught in First Term:  Scene Study Selections, Audition
Performance Technique, Stage Combat, Ensemble Singing, Hip Hop and a
special preview of the Story Weaving Presentation coming up in January


The students will be supported by the following faculty in this process: Marie Gaudet (Indigenous Singing);  Deanne Morrison (Indigenous Dance); Imelda Villalon (1st Year and 2nd Year Scene Study);  Marion de Vries (Audition Technique); April Nicolle (Stage Combat); Alejandra Nunez (Ensemble Singing); Amanda Chaboyer (Hip Hop Dance); and Muriel Miguel (Indigenous Performance & Story Weaving).  We are pleased once again to welcome Muriel
back as visiting faculty to CIT.  Muriel is the director of the
Spiderwoman Theatre in New York City, NY, and is facilitating the story
weaving workshop component.


The venue for the showcase will take place at the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto, ., on December 10, 2010,
with performances scheduled to start at 7 pm and run through to
9:30pm.  The evening is by donation and all are invited to attend.


Centre for Indigenous Theatre embraces the spirit, energy and
inspiration derived from the culture, values and traditions of
Indigenous people.  From these roots we seek to build on contemporary
Indigenous performance culture through training and professional
development opportunities for emerging and established Native theatre


For more information please contact:

Brian Norton,

Marketing and Outreach Coordinator

Centre for Indigenous Theatre






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  • I just wanted to thank ANDPVA for the opportunity you gave me to showcase my crafts and jewelllery at the Saturday Market. I met some really great people, especially other artists and made some new friends. Keep up the good work! Emilie Corbiere

  • Hi Shandra,

     I just wanted to thank ANDPVA for todays terrific workshop on publishing with Kateri. I learned so much and will put this new information to good use.

    Chi Miigwech!!!

    Emilie Corbiere

    Author, artist and storyteller

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