Story-teller/Presenter Needed

Story-teller/Presenter Needed

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I received [ANDPVA's] namefrom The Ontario Arts Council, we are a students studying dental hygiene fromthe Toronto College of Dental Hygiene and Auxiliaries, who are presenting aculture project for our communications course.

Our focus is Aboriginalculture, specifically Blackfoot culture. The purpose is to offer insight andcreate thoughtful awareness when interacting with future patients. Although ourclass is multicultural their worldly experience is limited.

We chose Blackfoot as manyof the students are from out west and will be returning to live and work there.If we could organize for someone who could offer a presentation within ourpresentation about this culture, its spirituality and offer any pieces ofinformation that they feel needs to be understood would be appreciated. (Or itcan be someone who talk about the Sundance, which I now realize may be toocomplicated due to time limits).

Please forward this toanyone you feel would be interested and let it be known that we are a collegewith limited time and I would not like the artist coming in to feel rushed anddismissed or insulted, it needs to be someone who has experience andunderstands these constraints. 

The presentation time wouldbe Monday Feb. 1st at 12:30 pm, and we are not the only group of studentspresenting that afternoon, when I speak with the artist I will relay all thedetails. I hope I have provided sufficient information, please do not hesitateto contact me by e-mail or by phone at should you require anything further.

Thank you for all yourhelp,

Tara Bastikar

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  • I just wanted to thank ANDPVA for the opportunity you gave me to showcase my crafts and jewelllery at the Saturday Market. I met some really great people, especially other artists and made some new friends. Keep up the good work! Emilie Corbiere

  • Hi Shandra,

     I just wanted to thank ANDPVA for todays terrific workshop on publishing with Kateri. I learned so much and will put this new information to good use.

    Chi Miigwech!!!

    Emilie Corbiere

    Author, artist and storyteller

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