Looking for actors!

Casting for "The History of My Surrender" A Short Film by Will Belcourt

Looking for actors!


Music/Arts - Audition


Saturday, March 20, 2010


9:00am - 3:00pm


10107-134Ave Cottage E, Edmonton Alberta




"The History of My Surrender" - A shortdrama by award winning Writer/Director/Producer Will Belcourt of Red WizardMedia will be shooting in Edmonton early summer 2010 and will be casting March20th 2010!


"The History of My Surrender"




A young security guard working at a an old folkshome makes some life altering decisions based on her experience with an old mansuffering from dementia who believes they are held captive in a POW camp.


Genre: Drama           


Length: Estimated 22 minutes           


Format: HD           


Target Audience:  General audience, Broadcasters, Festivals           


Status of Story:  Development


Writer/Director/Producer:            WillBelcourt


Production Company: Red Wizard Media Inc, 877-HookeRd, Edmonton Alberta, T5A.4K5




All Rights: 2010 William Belcourt




NIKKI YELLOWFEATHER - (20's) - Female, Cree andFrench and is originally from a small town but moved to the city to work andget an education. She plays guitar and sings and longs to peruse her dream ofbecoming a singer/songwriter and often ponders her existence in the world. Sheis quiet, thoughtful, and willing to stand up for herself. She is trying tobreak away from the party life she used to lead but her boyfriend Eddie, hisbrother and their friends make that hard. She takes a job working as a securityguard at a senior centre and is at a crossroads with her life and is trying tofind a way out.


MR. EDWARD FARQUAR - 72 White An aging old mansuffering from dementia who is in and out of his delusion of being imprisonedin a POW camp. He believes the doctors are holding him prisoner and he plans tobreak free with the new security guard (NIKKI) who he believes is a frienddying from a sickness and needs proper medical help. So he quietly plots theirescape while under constant supervision from the staff.


EDDIE THOMPSON - (20's) - Male, He's a young mancaught between the world of gangs, parties and the woman he loves (NIKKI) hesmart but has a hard time articulating his thoughts and feelings. He wants tochange for the better but does not know how to move forward.


VERNON THOMPSON - (20's) - Male, Métis. Recentlyreleased from jail for a two-year stint involving gang wars. A lot of his lifewas and to a certain degree is still dedicated to gang life. This gives him anunderlying anger that can rip and explode at a given moment. He is antiauthority and hates anything representing institution. He loves his youngerbrother but inadvertently brings him down while at the same time trying toprotect him. NURSE EDITH BURGESS - (30's) White An over bearing women concernedwith her self and getting ahead. She's non supportive and rude and has becomedesensitized to her everyday duty as a nurse at the old folks home.


DOCTOR JAMES DAVIS (50's) A preoccupied day dreamerwho would rather be somewhere els. He comes off as sterile, somewhat hostileand unconvincing as a doctor.




CHIEF DAMN GOOD (60's) - A politician and some-whatof a celebrity (appears in commercials on TV) and owner of a small used carlot, he left his wife years before to make something of himself but along theway he estranged himself from his son's Eddie and Vernon.


JESSE LOUIS - (20's) Female/White, on again, offagain girlfriend of Vernon. She is a fiery woman with a good heart, smart anddown to earth.


LOUIS JUNE- (20's) Native, Party buddy of Vernon


GRANDFATHER (70's) - Appears in a dream of NIKKI asa spiritual advisor.




Will Belcourt, is an award winning and awardnominated multi-disciplinary artist and industry professional based in EdmontonAlberta and owner of Red Wizard Media and BIGDADDY RECORDS.


William has, in 10 years, developed anextraordinary and prolific catalogue of artistic and professional work thatspans a broad range of disciplines, which include work in music, film andtelevision, writing, sculpture and design. His resume is widely varied andimpressive: he has a bachelor's degree in motion picture arts, diplomas andcertificates in business, marketing and management and music. He has under hisbelt and extraordinary amount of courses, training certificates, and hasattended many conferences and workshops aimed at professional development.


He has written, directed and produced over 60professional productions ranging from documentary, drama, music videos andcorporate videos and has worked for and with the world renowned Banff Centre, NationalFilm Board of Canada and APTN to name a few. Recently he wrote, directed andproduced a music video for rising star Shawn Bernard aka "FEENIX" which wonbest rap video at the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards.

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