Seeking Native Fiction Writers for Series

Seeking Native fiction writers for adventure series

Aseries of stories featuring modern-day Native heroes: ordinary people withextraordinary abilities. Each story will be set in the same"universe," so the characters in one story can interact with those inanother. The series will start with a small group of protagonists that expandsand evolves as the work progresses.

The goal is to create amass-market "franchise" so we can publish Native stories thatentertain and enlighten people.

Target audience
Thework will appeal to a broad audience interested in genre-style adventurefiction. Comparable works might include Stephen King thrillers, Tony Hillermanmysteries, "Spider-Man" or "X-Files" novelizations, andHarry Potter books. The official target audience is perhaps young adults age18-30, but we won't limit the appeal to this group.

In particular, the series should besuitable for use in high school classes and libraries. It should inspire youngpeople, especially Native youngsters, to want to read.

About2,500-20,000 words. For comic-book writers, a rough guide is that one issue ofa comic is equivalent to a 5,000-word story.

Writersmay be Native or non-Native, published or unpublished. Preference will be givento Native and published writers. Non-Native writers will have to make aconvincing case that they know the people and cultures as well as Nativewriters. (Good research can make up for some lack of knowledge.) Unpublished writerswill have to make a convincing case that they can write as well as publishedwriters.

How to submit
Youcan refer us to URLs on the Web, send text in the body of an e-mail, attach anMS Word document, or mail hard copies to:

#204, 6150 Buckingham Pkwy.
Culver City, CA 90230

In any case, send no more than fivepages of compelling fiction to the editor for review. The editor will ask formore samples if they're needed.

For more information on what we're looking for in writers(and artists), click here. Contact if you have further questions.

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  • I just wanted to thank ANDPVA for the opportunity you gave me to showcase my crafts and jewelllery at the Saturday Market. I met some really great people, especially other artists and made some new friends. Keep up the good work! Emilie Corbiere

  • Hi Shandra,

     I just wanted to thank ANDPVA for todays terrific workshop on publishing with Kateri. I learned so much and will put this new information to good use.

    Chi Miigwech!!!

    Emilie Corbiere

    Author, artist and storyteller

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